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How to Dress Like a Shadowhunter from The Mortal Instruments

It's almost Halloween and I know lots of you are already finding new ways on what character to choose from or to portray during the season. Lots of you may love to adopt the Hunger Games and dress like Katniss or Peeta or Gale but how about dressing up as a shadowhunter from The Mortal Instruments? Here are some tips on how you can dress like Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Jace in "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." You can refer to this post for the jewelries and accessories (including Isabelle's ruby pendant and the Morgernstern ring) worn by the cast in movie. For those who are looking for some ideas on how to dress like Magnus Bane, check this page.

Always remember the motto:

Shadowhunters look better in black.

How to Dress Like Clary/Isabelle, Shadowhunters from "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"

Based on the set photos we see on the net, Clary and Isabelle (played by Lily Collins and Jemima West, respectively), have the same outfit. The only difference is that Isabelle has a whip bracelet on her arm (which obviously is her weapon of choice). There were also some instances that Clary was seen wearing a black mini skirt instead of pants. Either way, you can still dress like Clary whether in pants or in skirts.

Isabelle Lightwood

Black Sleeveless Tops

It's time to explore your closet! First, choose a sleeveless black top or a tube.You can also wear a black t-shirt as long as it fits your body perfectly. However, because shadowhunters wear a jacket, it will be preferable to choose the one without sleeves for comfort.

If you can't find them in your wardrobe or from your sisters/friends or if you decide to buy something new, here are  some products from Amazon.

Black Tight Pants/Skinny Jeans/Mini Skirt

Second, choose black pants with perfect fit. It doesn't matter if you are not wearing leather pants as long as it's black it will be fine. Never wear a loose pants since it will ruin your shadowhunter look.

If you are comfortable wearing a mini skirt, you can also prefer it over pants. It looks sexier than the pants. However, don't ever force to wear something if you are not comfortable wearing it because you won't enjoy the event.

Black Boots

If you choose to wear pants, you can opt for this kind of boots:

If in case you wear the mini skirt, then always pair it with knee-high boots. This is very important especially if you are petite. Also, it is terrible to pair a knee-high boots with pants especially if they have the same color.


Pair your tops with these jackets. In the stills, both of our beautiful shadowhunters are wearing 3/4 jackets but you can still opt for full length jackets.


Clary's Stele - Make Your Own

Clary's ultimate weapon is the stele because it allows her to create new runes. In the shadowhunter world, only Clary has the ability to create runes because of an Angel's blood flowing through her veins. Most TMI fans view stele as a jumbo pencil-esque with Angelic patterns on it. As of the moment, we don't have any any idea on how Screen Gems and director Harald Zwarts envisioned the stele in the movie. I guess we'll have to find that out when they decide to release official stills and trailers for the movie. Anyway, let's create our own stele, why not eh?

First off, what you need to have is a jumbo wooden knitting needle like the one below:

After getting that kind of material, you can color it with metallic paint to make it more like a weapon and real. Find that paint on your father's garage or you may use the following:

Next, draw some Angelic runes or any runes you like. You can also add it up with cords to cope up with your style. Just follow your shadowhunter instincts on how your stele should look like. In the end, steles are created according to the wielder.

Isabelle's Whip Bracelet

Izzy's favorite weapon is her whip. She always carries it with her as a bracelet. Because we are in the real world, we cannot conceal a whip as our bracelet but we can always wear a bracelet that looks like a whip. Does that make any sense? Anyway, try looking for wrap bracelets in your jewelry box. The bracelet I am talking about looks like these:

I also found a website that sells Isabelle's Whip Bracelet. It's kinda pricey and small but it is very beautiful.

Price: $90.00

Belts & Leather Gloves for Clary/Isabelle

Clary is wearing fingerless leather gloves on both hands while Izzy is only wearing them on her left hand. You can try wearing something like this:

As for the belts, you may pair up your pants with UTG or military belts.


If your hair is not naturally red or black like Clary and Izzy, you can opt to wear wigs. Here try the following below:

Clary's Red Hair

Isabelle's Long Black Straight Hair

How to Dress Like Jace and Alec - A Male Shadowhunter's Guide

Let's go with the boys. It's pretty common to see a male shadowhunter's look. You can see them at different bikers around the town. LOL. Anyway, here are few tips on how to dress like Jace and Alec just like in "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" movie. 

In the movie, Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) wears a simple and plain black t-shirt and a black leather jacket with long sleeves.


You may opt to wear the following if you can't find them on your wardrobe.

Alec, played by Kevin Zegers, wears a sleeveless leather jacket just like below:


Then choose the pants like the ones below:

Leather pants are more preferred but they are costly, so you can just settle for pants like the ones above.

You can also use belts to make your outfit more beautiful. Big buckle belts are better to look at than those with small buckles.

Then choose a good looking boots that match up with your overall looks.

Weapons - Seraph Blade

All shadowhunter consider seraph blades as their weapon. Seraph blades are like daggers but if shadowhunters shout their name it extends into its full length. In your cosplay, you can either choose a dagger or a full sword. Remember, only choose the fake ones, don't ever use real daggers or swords to avoid accidents.

You can also use the following holsters to hold your fake swords.

In the book, Alec is also an expert with bows and arrows. He used the weapon to kill a demon that almost took Clary's life.

The Runes - Temporary Tattoo
Of course a shadowhunter cannot be considered a shadowhunter if he/she does not have any runes drawn into his body. Since there are still no shops that offer temporary tattoos specifically made for the Mortal Instruments, we can use henna and let someone draw the runes unto our body. You may use the following as a guide:

There you have it guys, I hope you like my suggestions on how you could dress like a shadowhunter for less. Remember, you really don't have to spend a lot of money; borrow from your friends or your family members. If you have any comments, please feel free to comment below. Thanks.


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Another tip is maybe for the makeup for Isabelle do a smokey eye (black) and some black eye liner on the bottom and top lid. On top of that add some black mascara. Also make sure that your eyebrows are plucked well and you dont have any random hairs!

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